oido audio

Our aim is to produce a loudspeaker that combines the state of the art in music reproduction with contemporary design and compactness



  • It must be big enough to accomodate speaker drivers that can easily produce realistic sound pressures and transients throughout the sound spectrum


  • It must be small enough, and eye-pleasing enough, to fit any modern living space


  • It must excel at all kinds of music


  • It must be possible to drive with low power amps, such as single ended triode tube ones - the first watt is the most important!


  • It must have a single driver producing the entire frequency range of the human voice - for optimal stereo imaging and depth


  • It must be physically time aligned - for minimal filter complexity and maximum transient impact


  • It must be fun! Why not enjoy both the esoteric music reproduction of a high-sensitivity, old-school, field coil wide range driver and the punch of 500 Watts straight into an 18 inch bass driver?


  • It must be attainable - we sell direct in order to keep the price as low as possible



The result is the oido 12 loudspeaker



  • Open baffle made of a single piece of steel


  • Time aligned, dipole radiating drivers


  • Active 18 inch bass driver with 500 W of onboard amplification per channel


  • 12 inch wide range driver with electromagnetic motor and dedicated power supply


  • AMT (Heil) supertweeter


  • Frequency response: 38 - 20 000 Hz, +/- 3 dB


  • Crossover frequencies: 100 Hz and 10 000 Hz


  • Sensitivity: 94 dB 1W/1m


  • Max input continuous power: 40 W


  • Max output continous SPL: 108 dB


  • Nominal impedance: 16 Ohm


  • Minimum impedance: 6 Ohm at 20 000 Hz


  • Size WxHxD: 480x1010x380 mm


  • Weight: 56 kg per speaker, including amplifier/crossover box


  • Tough and durable powder coating in any RAL colour, metallic colours available at surcharge


  • Warranty: 5 years