oido audio

At oido audio we asked ourselves:

What would be the best design for a living room friendly loudspeaker that could realistically recreate a live concert at home?


  • On the sonical wishlist was to get that heavy bass kick only a very sudden movement of a lot of air can do. Reproducing the entire frequency range of the human voice without interference from filters or crossovers was of equal importance. Finally, a realistic room filling quality with lots of air and natural ambience was up there on the list too.


  • Our goals for the visual design were simple: as small as possible given sonic requirements and with modern aesthetics.


There was only one way to go, and that was to get rid of the box entirely. The open baffle means avoiding inevitable box colorations and gaining a natural quality in acoustic propagation. Also, a suitable enclosure for a powerful and natural bass response would have had to have been quite big.


The result is the oido 12 OBEM speaker


Sonic characters are:

- Huge soundstage and "3D space" around performers and instruments

- Completely unveiled presence compared to other speakers

- Deep and ultrafast bass (no box or bass reflex system to muddle or slow it down)

- Impact and transient response without comparison


Technical details:

- 18 inch bass driver specially designed for open baffle use.

- 12 inch dipole electromagnetic wide-range unit, covering most of the frequency spectrum, of artisanal manufacture.

- Physically time aligned dipole air motion supertweeter

- Open baffle with incorporated stand made of solid steel.

- 400 Watts of on-board amplification for the bass.

- Very careful and unintrusive filtration for mids and highs with top of the line components.

- Internal wiring in the audio path is made of a mix of copper and silver (depending on frequency range) in teflon dielectric.

- Can be used with low power amplifiers, such as SET tube amps, as the sensitivity is 94 dB 1W/1m.