Deep Space One Mk II - Space blue

Oido Audio

Oido Audio has been producing speakers since 2016, gradually working towards the goal of creating the closest to an ideal speaker the way we see it.

The reproduced sound of the ideal speaker should be:

  • Completely natural and non-fatiguing
  • Equally dynamic, resonance free and homogenous throughout the whole frequency range
  • Create a realistic and believable sound stage with true depth
  • Suitable for real-life sized living rooms

Added to this, the industrial design ideal is minimalistic and contemporary. All the parts used are non-deteriorating with time, from the powder coated steel of the chassis, the use of foil capacitors in the crossover, to the rubber surrounds of all drivers.

Deep Space One MkII

The result is the Deep Space One Mk II, a speaker that delivers a big, natural and realistic sound, from a compact, contemporary package.

Thanks to our own typology, the Open Enclosure™, we have managed to fold an open baffle speaker onto itself so to speak. This results is a speaker with the virtues of OB: resonance free bass and a really deep sound stage - without the drawbacks of huge size and exposed back side.

The speaker chassis only looks like an enclosure, but is in fact open on all sides, avoiding box colorations and also working with the room, not against it like conventional speakers. In it, we use a state of the art 7 inch full range driver and four long throw 10 inch woofers.

All drivers use the same cone material and they all "breathe" - front and back - into the same physical space: your living room. These basic principles are key to a truly coherent and immersive sound reproduction.

The open construction of the Deep Space One in combination with the point source of the full range driver, create a very wide and deep sound stage as well as pin point accuracy within it.

Contemporary design and a very compact open baffle speaker

Oido Audio have reached a breakthrough in open baffle speaker design with the Open Enclosure™ concept, using steel and an elastomer in a sandwich construction for its compactness and vibration damping properties.

With a contemporary design and at merely 290 mm wide, 320 mm deep and 980 mm high, the fully passive Deep Space One MkII faithfully reproduces delicate highs and mids, as well as super low distorsion bass down to 26 Hz (in room -6 dB rel. 200 Hz).

Dynamic crossover and cabling

The crossover in the Deep Space One is equipped with massively oversized components, guaranteeing minimal insertion loss and maximum dynamics.  No solder joints or printed circuit boards are used and 12 gauge internal cabling is utilized throughout.

“It will probably never travel into space, but it can recreate the deep space of any musical venue in your living room”